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Secure Lock n Key
Locally Owned and Operated Out of York, South Carolina

Need a locksmith? Call today for a free estimate.
Need a Locksmith ? Call today for a free estimate

Rekey Services in York, South Carolina

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When it comes to keys and locks, Secure Lock n Key in York, South Carolina, is the team to call.

Rekey or Master Key

Generally, when you buy a new property, it’s a good idea to have it rekeyed. People often choose to rekey over changing the locks because it’s less expensive but just as effective.
In this process, we’ll remove the original pins and springs in the locks and replace them with new ones that are fitted to a new key. This way, you are the only one who now has access to the property, preventing previous tenants from gaining access to the space.
With a master key, you can have one key that will unlock every door in your home or business, even when those doors have their own keys.

Duplicate Keys

Key duplication on site is available, give us a call. We can make duplicates of almost any key so that you can make sure everyone in your family has access to your home, or that all your employees can get into the business if they need to.

Lock Changes and Repairs

If you feel like a rekeying won’t give you the sense of security that you need, we are more than happy to come out and change all your locks. Once the locks are completely changed and you have new keys to match, you’ll be the only one with access to your space. This means that anyone who used to have a key will no longer be able to enter your home or business.
Sometimes, due to the age of the lock or because of a break-in, locks will need to be repaired. Our technicians will quickly repair and reinforce the lock so that it continues to function as it should.

Electronic Locks

Technology has come a long way with door locks. This means that there are new ways to secure your home or business, sometimes without even needing a physical key.
Electronic locks come in a variety of styles, including radio frequency identification (key cards), keypads, fingerprint scanners and a Bluetooth option that allows you to control your locks through an app on your smartphone.
No matter what rekeying or locking services you need, Secure Lock n Key has you covered. Call us today to get started.