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Secure Lock n Key
Locally Owned and Operated Out of York, South Carolina

Need a locksmith? Call today for a free estimate.
Need a Locksmith ? Call today for a free estimate

House Lockout Services in York, South Carolina

Lever door handle with child safety lock

Locked Out?

Did you go check the mail and the door shut and locked behind you? Maybe you accidentally lost your key while on vacation? Perhaps a tenant moved out of your rental and took the keys with them? Whatever the issue, we’ve all been there. That is why the experts at Secure Lock n Key in York, South Carolina, are ready to help you unlock any door.

Quick, Affordable Service

Don’t break a window or kick in a door if you find yourself locked out. You’re far more likely to injure yourself and spend more money in repairs if you try to unlock a door by force. Our technicians can usually be at your home or business within 30 minutes and get you back inside in under an hour from the time of your initial call.
You don’t need added stress on yourself or your home. Let our experts assess the situation and get your door open quickly, safely and affordably.

Rekey Services

If you need spare keys or want to upgrade the locks on your home or business, we are here to help. We specialize in a wide range of key services so that you can have confidence in your lock system. From creating duplicate or master keys to repairing or changing the locks, Secure Lock n Key does everything you need.
For added security to your home or business, we can also install electronic locks and keypads.

Unlock Your Home

Whether you find yourself locked out or just want to upgrade the security on your home, contact Secure Lock n Key for quick, friendly and stress-free service. Our professional team has your back and will arrive at your home or business in no time. So call us now to get your doors unlocked today.