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Secure Lock n Key
Locally Owned and Operated Out of York, South Carolina

Need a locksmith? Call today for a free estimate.
Need a Locksmith ? Call today for a free estimate

Commercial Lock Services in York, South Carolina

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Replacing Your Locks

You may be considering replacing your locks after a recent break-in or after firing a disgruntled employee. At Secure Lock n Key, we want to help you reach peace of mind and security for your products, employees and clients. That’s why we offer a variety of services to bring you there.


When there has been a break-in, or if there’s reason to expect one, many people think that the only solution is to change the locks. But rekeying is actually less expensive and just as effective. Learn more about our rekeying services here.

Changing the Locks

Sometimes there’s too much damage to rekey your building. Secure Lock n Key is available to change your locks, even on short notice. Our services are inexpensive and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about your security anymore.

High-Security Locks

These specialized locks can be tailored to your specific commercial needs, ensuring that no one else will have a lock like yours. The technology used in these locks ensures that they cannot be duplicated or recreated by anyone other than the locksmith that designed them.
Our team can create these locks for your commercial space so that you have an additional security measure in place to protect your property.

High-Security Lockouts

If you ever find yourself locked out of your high-security system, give us a call. As long we installed it for you, we’ll be able to open it for you.

Secure Your Space

Whether you want to install a high-security lock or need help unlocking the one we’ve put in for you, give us a call today.