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Secure Lock n Key
Locally Owned and Operated Out of York, South Carolina

Need a locksmith? Call today for a free estimate.
Need a Locksmith ? Call today for a free estimate

Car Lockout Services in York, South Carolina

Businessman looking through window at keys locked in car
Getting locked out of your vehicle is never convenient. That is why the experts at Secure Lock n Key in York, South Carolina, will get your doors unlocked in no time.

Car Lockouts

Car lockouts are one of our specialties. Our technicians pride themselves on their quick response times and keen attention to detail. We understand the investment you’ve made in your car, so we will treat it exactly the same way we would treat one of our own.
Using your car’s keyway is the safest and least stressful method to gain entry into a vehicle. As such, it will always be our first choice for an access point whenever possible. Additionally, if time allows, we can make an extra door key for you right on-site to keep you from getting locked out again.

Trunk Lockouts

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in the unfortunate position of getting locked in the trunk of your own car. But if you do, quickly look for anything that glows in the dark near the trunk latch. All cars that were made after 2002 are required, by law, to have a trunk release inside the trunk, so it should be easy to find. Pull the trunk release up or down to quickly get out.
If you just accidentally lock your keys in the trunk, give us a call. We can unlock a trunk as easily as we can unlock a door.


Secure Lock n Key has also helped many motorcycle owners with lost, damaged or broken keys. We can create from scratch, duplicate, or even remove and replicate broken motorcycle keys. If you’ve been stranded, call us today.

Unlock Your Car

Regardless of whether your keys are locked inside your car or you’ve simply misplaced them, Secure Lock n Key can help. Call us to end your car lockout today.