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Rekeying Versus Replacing a Lock

Fixing Door Lock
New homeowners, landlords, and the owners of commercial buildings all have similar concerns with the security of their property. You have times when keys are in the hands of someone you do not want in your building. To prevent unauthorized access, you must either rekey the locks or install replacement locks. Here is what both situations involve and how to decide what is best for the situation. 

Rekey a Lock

Rekeying a lock requires a locksmith to replace the pins and springs. Some locks contain a master pin that uses a key different from the one given to the tenant. This allows landlords or maintenance staff to have access to all their units with a single key. The master pin can remain in the lock even as the others are changed, so you don't need to replace these keys.  
An additional benefit to rekeying a lock is that the locksmith can also clean and perform any needed maintenance at the same time. This ensures that the door remains secure and operational.

Replace a Lock

The process of replacing a door lock is usually fast and easy, but this process does require the purchase of a new lock. Durable door locks can be expensive and even pricier when the lock is for a commercial door. A handy homeowner or locksmith can handle the task without any damage to the door. 
Anyone with a lack of experience with door locks may underestimate the number of options the average home supply store offers as well as how to precisely replace a lock in order to prevent operational problems. Beginners may not want to attempt this because this involves the security of the home or business.

Determine Your Preference

Rekeying the door is usually the faster and more affordable option when a professional locksmith performs the task. The average American moves approximately 11 times in their life. This amounts to millions of people each year moving in and out of U.S. rental homes. Landlords may discover that rekeying is a simpler and less wasteful method as each new tenant arrives. 
New homeowners or someone who has lost the key to their home may benefit more from lock replacements. Because homeowners are unlikely to need to perform the process again for a while, a lock replacement allows homeowners to upgrade to a more current or durable model instead of relying on what was installed years before they purchased the home. 
Experts advise replacement rather than rekeying when the existing lock is in poor condition. A locksmith may be able to clean and repair the current lock, but in some cases, the lock may be too old to justify the added effort. Replace any old or cheap lock that sticks or does not work as reliably as expected. 

Consider an Alternative

Home or business owners in need of a solution for their locks should consider upgrading to a more secure option. A keypad or other electronic entry system allows the owner to disable old PIN codes or access cards without replacing the lock. The process makes this easy for the property owner because they can secure their property on their own whenever necessary. 
Keyless locks offer a wealth of additional benefits. The homeowner does not have to hide a key on their property or carry around a key with them whenever they leave home. The doors can lock automatically within seconds of closing so that business owners do not have to sit at home wondering if they remembered to lock the door when they left the office. 
At Secure Lock n Key, we know that people have many security needs, and door locks are one of the most common concerns. We offer services to meet each of these needs. Contact us for duplicate keys, new locks, or door rekeys.