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Never Lose Your Car Keys or Your Cool With These Tips

Car Key
Losing a key can be one of the biggest inconveniences of modern life. In the case of a lost car key, misplacing this single item could leave you stranded, make you late for work, or completely disrupt your plan for the day.
To avoid losing track of your car keys and reduce the risk of potential unwanted consequences, like dealership key replacement fees, take steps to both prevent mislaying your keys and to ensure you can respond appropriately if your car keys do ever go missing. In this blog, we provide you with suggestions to help.

How to Reduce the Risk of Misplacing Your Car Keys

Because you have to use your car keys multiple times and in several locations throughout the day, these keys are highly likely to be misplaced. Follow these guidelines:
  • Add a finder gadget, such as a trackable fob, to your keyring.
  • Designate a spot where your car keys always go.
  • Make your set of keys magnetic so you can stick it to a visible location.
  • Put items on your keyring to make it easier to locate, such as brightly colored, glow-in-the-dark, large, or noisy keychains.
  • Use a purse clip, carabiner, chain, or lanyard to connect your car keys to your bag or clothing.
If you have a history of losing track of your keys in certain places, prioritize efforts to prevent loss in those areas. For example, clip your keys to your jeans or purse before leaving the car if you've had multiple lockouts.
Consider the potential for loss everywhere you take your car keys so you can minimize the risk.

How to Protect Yourself In Case of Lost Car Keys

As you take steps to reduce the chances of mislaying your car keys, also prepare yourself for the possibility of a future loss. Take these measures now to help you stay calm and act confidently, even if you have to deal with lost car keys in a stressful situation.
Gather the following information:
  • Car specifications. If you need to replace your car key, you will need to know the make, model, and year of your car. Also take note of whether the vehicle is a base model or a more specific type.
  • Car VIN number. You may need to authenticate your ownership of your vehicle to have new auto keys made. While some VIN numbers are visible through the windshield, others are located in places not accessible from outside a locked car. Write down the VIN or set aside that information.
  • Locksmith contact information. Car key replacement situations are often time sensitive. The last thing you want to be stuck doing when you're locked out in inclement weather or while late for a meeting is to try and vet potential locksmiths. Put your preferred company's information in your phone.
  • Warranty. Some vehicle warranties cover key replacements under certain situations. See if your current warranty covers any keys and take note of the applicable language so you can anticipate if you will need to cover the full costs associated with lost keys.
Prioritize taking these initial steps or updating your current plan of action whenever you let someone borrow your car, allow for an additional regular driver, or purchase a new vehicle.
Use these guidelines to ensure that you have peace of mind about your personal transportation, even in the unfortunate event of losing your car keys.
For comprehensive locksmith services, trust the experienced team at Secure Lock n Key. We can help you if you need replacement keys or help with a vehicle lockout situation for both cars and homes. Contact us today if you need help.