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Need a locksmith? Call today for a free estimate.
Need a Locksmith ? Call today for a free estimate

How to Hire a Locksmith Who Is Licensed and Bonded

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If you find yourself locked out of your home, you'll want to get back in as quickly as possible. It's a helpless feeling to stand on your porch, right on the other side of all your comforts and security, knowing you can't get in.
A locksmith can come out to your property and get you back inside your home. However, call the right locksmith. You need a trusted and reliable locksmith who will do the job right and who won't take advantage of the situation.
Here is some advice to keep in mind when you call a locksmith out, so you know you won't fall prey to a scam artist or an unworthy locksmith.

Listen to How They Answer the Phone

You may be stressed when you call a locksmith, but you still want to verify you're calling a reputable one. They should answer their phone with their business name, rather than a generic greeting, such as, "Hello" or "How can I help you?" A reliable company will have a business phone they answer with their company name.

Consider the Price They Quote Over the Phone

Ask for an estimate on the phone. While everyone enjoys a bargain, a locksmith who quotes a price that's too good to be true is a red flag, as they may be trying to 'bait and switch' you. This tactic is where they quote you a very low price to get the job, then raise it significantly later. For example, a quote of $20 to come out to your house should be considered unrealistic.

Get a Final Price Before the Locksmith Begins

Get a total price once the locksmith looks at your door, but before they touch it. Make sure they aren't going to claim the job was more than they expected. Once they open the door, you'll be obligated to pay the price they charge. If they refuse to give you a price, don't hire them.

Make Sure They Ask You for Identification

Any reputable locksmith will confirm they are letting a resident into their own property by asking for your Identification to verify you live at that address. This measure will protect them from legal issues and other problems they could face if they let a burglar into a home.

Confirm They Won’t Drill Your Lock

A reputable locksmith will have the tools and knowledge to get you in a house lock, even a high-quality one. A locksmith who wants to drill the lock may also be looking forward to the additional charge for then replacing the lock they destroyed.

Verify the Locksmith is Licensed and Bonded

Getting you in the house through a locked door is a skill that requires the proper tools and experience. An amateur locksmith can destroy your locks and security system. A licensed and bonded locksmith is one who has been deemed competent and gone through a background check.
A licensed and bonded locksmith will be solely responsible for damages that occur to your locks or security system. In fact, their insurance company will cover the expense for any damages. However, hiring a licensed and bonded locksmith significantly decreases the chance of there being any damages in the first place.

Get Help Now

If you're locked out of your home, you can contact us now. At Secure Lock n Key, we are licensed, bonded, and available to come help you get back in your home. We're also here to help you get back in your car, repair or replace your locks, assist you with key replacement, help you with your safe, or assist you in any other lock-related issues you have.